Producer's Praise

Producer’s Praise For the July 26, 2014 Show

vienna-philharmonic-orchestra-1283880334-hero-wide-0It is hard to express the joy I have knowing the program you will get to listen to this week. God has such a unique way He reveals Himself through our many hosts, like a symphony orchestra reduce one instrument and there is diminshment.

Often as I listen I hear a melody that is subtle in the background of each segment, listen closely, “What is God unveiling? ” To me this weeks show is the underlying  ‘Faith‘ behind each insight. As Max Lucado put it, “Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.”

Powerful is the Story Karen tells us in “Wisdom of The Wounded“, on the grief process and how we must trust God/have faith that this painful process like the cocoon of a butterfly is necessary to flight/freedom.

On “Coaches Corner” Rodger allows us to see how our trust in the Father/Faith or core beliefs shape our lives or our anxieties if eroded.

You won’t want to miss the 3rd edition of “A stranger Taken In” on “Joy in the Midst“. Cameron’s unique relationship with people from his wheel chair invites them to share their own brokenness.  I think Cameron’s example this week of God’s faithfulness to we sinners will really blow you away. It did me for sure…

Larry and Joyce from”A Place Missionaries Call Home” this week have the AUDACITY to believe/faith, that God is going to supply the needs of an African Missionary…

This weeks show is a feast of faith for sure and I pray God will show you so much more how we can trust The Father’s Heart.  ENJOY…. by Robby Dilmore, producer

Producer’s Praise

Each week the Mission Magazine Radio teams glean stories and understandings from their unique place of journeying with God. Much thought and collective prayer is then leveraged to reflect back to you messages that touched their hearts in ways that they felt God the Father or Jesus or perhaps the Holy Spirit blessed them with in order to reach globally or serve locally.

Now it is my pleasure to share with you the question Jeremiah poured out upon Jerusalem in his early prophesy, “Where is The Lord?” Jeremiah 2:6 and 8.That question is at the heart and soul of this program, “Where is The Lord”. As the producer I have a back stage look into God’s handy work in piecing all the segments together, each would appear unrelated, BUT God. It is my prayer that this column will wet your appetite for the feast set before us.