Producer's Praise

Producer’s Praise for the show airing August 23, 2014


In Ecclesiastes 7:2 Solomon, said; it was better to go to a house of mourning that a house of feasting, Jesus, said; blessed are those who mourn. So with this week’s show I will simply ask you do you have your groan-on. Really?

On Wisdom of the Wounded this week Karen and special guest voice Larry Mulder, her husband, (a bit of a sea dog), together they share the pounding waves of grief. Listen carefully, there is a healing here a desperate heart healing that only comes through the grief process and Karen and Larry share a powerful metaphor for understanding what lies ahead for most all of us.

How easy is it to get your groan-on at work? On Coaches Corner this week, Rodger may surprise you that more groaning may be necessary to move the Kingdom forward at work. I would agree with Rodger that far too many of us fail to groan under mediocrity when we know the Kingdom standard for excellence is way above what we tend to accept. Plus, Rodger shares his breakfast of champions I believe a memorable way to integrate excellence.

On A Place Missionaries Call Home you will delight in how the groaning for an unsaved Middle East has led this young couple on a more than extraordinary journey. They share the stories of the lives that were changed as a result and how God has led them to now be groaning for a new people group. Then you will be able to join with them in prayer for these people.

You don’t want to miss Cameron Horner’s Joy In The Midst as I feel you will relate to Cameron’s groaning as a worldly friend of his’ coarse language and innuendo almost had him covering his ears. Yet, God sent Cameron to this very man and the wisdom God brought Cameron on how to be salt and light to a groaning creation.

Romans 8:22-23
22 For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now. 23 Not only that, but we also who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, eagerly waiting for the adoption, the redemption of our body.

This week’s Mission Magazine Radio would like to challenge you to ask yourself this: “What am I eagerly waiting for with such desire that I am actually groaning under the lack of it?” Further are you waiting on it or are you trying to control it yourself? Like Larry and Karen’s Waves God has given us Life. I read recently that Life isn’t something I can arrange like those waves it is something to be had. “Dear, Jesus help me to keep the desire, keep my groan-on while I wait for the Life you have for me.”

By Robby Dilmore: Producer

Producer’s Praise for August 16, 2014


I find it more than a coincidence that God had this show lined up the same week as the actor and comedian Robin Williams took his life and shocked the nation. Actually Rodger Price during Coach’s Corner mentions Robin William’s academy award winning movie, Goodwill Hunting. I would ad that Rodger recorded this a couple of years ago. Tragically the very vows that Rodger is helping us work through as Christian Leaders most likely had a big role in Robin’s demise. What a gift for us to get a greater understanding of the healing Christ offers.

You may be asking yourself right this moment, “Isn’t this, Mission Magazine, what does any of this have to do with missions?” I am so glad you asked. Years ago when Larry George had the vision for this show his slug line was, “Serve Local and Reach Global”.

How amazing that locally, Robin William’s death/suicide is on many, many people’s hearts and I am in awe that again during Karen Mulder’s Wisdom of the Wounded she is helping us speak to people dealing with grief specially the emotion of anger and as many of us know anger turned inward is depression. Reaching the world for Christ is so very much more than going to Africa. Often we need to, like the flight attendant instructs attach the oxygen mask to ourselves before we attempt to help someone else.

Larry and Joyce on A Place Missionaries Call Home interview Joe and Betty who are on their way to a closed country in the Middle East. I found Joe’s testimony a powerful reminder of how Christ is the answer for a life on the rocks.

Once again Cameron Horner’s Joy in the Midst brigs a marvelous crescendo to the hope we have in Christ in the wake of Robin William’s tragic last moments. Listen carefully about the black cloud Cameron describes and the demon clutching a throat. These are a scary reminder of the powerful enemy of God. Don’t miss a moment of how this story turned out with the benefit of prayer. Yes, we can call on Him if we know Him and there is the reason for the great commission. He is not willing that any shall perish.

I am so excited that you can hear a show I know God planned long in advance for you to hear.

by Robby Dilmore, Producer

Producer’s Praise for August 9, 2014


This week I am once again thanking God for the joy of producing Mission Magazine Radio as I get to see His tapestry once again. The Father is painting something beautiful for us that we may worship and marvel in the joy of a new discovery. To illustrate this idea, as one of my favorite authors George MacDonald would say, “another Jewel in the cave”. This jewel so glows that the light of it illuminates a path I don’t believe I saw until recently.

This week’s Jewel I feel is healing, the longer I live the more I marvel at all that healing reveals about love. To start out on “Wisdom of The Wounded” Karen Mulder will continue in the story of Barb’s healing process from the grief of her husband’s suicide. Listen carefully and I think this story may shed a little light on a path you may someday walk or help someone else to.

Next up on “Coaches Corner” Rodger Price takes us deep into the concept of vows and how part of the healing process Jesus will take you through, (if you let him), is understanding the power of vows and how our wounding can often lead to a crippling vow that requires a healing from your past. This concept was so powerfully spoken of by Brennan Manning in his book Abba’s Child – “In a futile attempt to erase our past, we deprive the community of our healing gift. If we conceal our wounds out of fear and shame, our inner darkness can neither be illuminated nor become a light for others.”

Then on “A Place Missionaries Call Home” a special treat via the Czechoslovakian Republic. A healing that seems to come from the most unlikely and ungodly of places, listen in on how God healed hearts where God was forbidden, (As if that were possible).

The last lighted path of healing you will take on this week’s show I will personally never forget. On “Joy In The Midst” you may think it’s Cameron in the wheel chair that needs the healing but truly Cameron is on display as a light for the path of other to find Christ.

I believe God will use the Jewels in the cave this week to light paths of hope and healing for many and then compound it because this light is the kind that spreads as you and I share it.

by Robby Dilmore, Producer